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Anjaneé Upshur, Office Administrator


I am pleased to introduce myself as Anjanée Upshur, currently serving as the Office Administrator at Methods Therapy, LLC. With a decade-long background in customer service and five years specifically focused on healthcare administration, I bring a rich reservoir of experience to our esteemed team. 

My responsibilities span a spectrum of tasks, ranging from appointment scheduling to overseeing billing procedures and streamlining operational functions for optimal efficiency.

What distinguishes my approach is a sincere dedication to delivering outstanding service infused with warmth and amiability. I am a firm advocate for cultivating an environment that is both supportive and inviting, catering to the needs of our clients and staff alike.

Motivated by professionalism and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I endeavor to ensure that each interaction exemplifies our unwavering commitment to superior mental health care. I am deeply vested in the well-being of our community and take immense pride in contributing to the pivotal mission we undertake at Methods Therapy.

It is a privilege to collaborate with a team that shares my values, and I eagerly anticipate the continuation of our collective pursuit of excellence. Together, let us uphold the highest standards of service as we advance towards our common goal.

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