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Taking on too much???

Let's talk about it. Since I recall I have always, always worked and gone to school. It's not something that I enjoyed or even set out to do. It was out of necessity. But now looking back I realize being that busy and having to juggle so many things at once I have been conditioned as a result to take on a lot of things. When I don't have several things going at once it feels weird. Of course, I wish I could have gone to school full time and just focus on school, I imagine what that may be or have been like but that was not a luxury given to me. I value my resilience and work ethic but I also have to remember that I need to pace myself and NOT take on so much. Saying no is a blessing and some may say a curse. You feel good about being able to regulate how much you can take on, but then feel bad about doing so. It's fine you will get over it, say no, and say it more often in order to regulate and begin putting things down that you may not want to do or simply don't have the time for.

Yes, there will be high tide times but once they resolve reevaluate what is already on your plate and be sure not to pick up more than what you can handle. When you disregard your own needs it can lead to being overwhelmed, stressed, and even a mental downfall.

Take time for yourself and make sure you schedule yourself for downtime. You need it. What have you been picking up or saying yes to that you should put down or say no to? How's that self-care arsenal going?

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