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Let’s build your self-care arsenal!!

The topic of self care is a pretty hot topic today. However, self care has always been a something people should seek to practice. It provides a much needed rest from work, mind freeing behaviors and just a deeper level of engagement with self. Although self-care is something we should practice, many neglect themselves because they simply have too much on their plates. The end result, burnout, being overwhelmed and mental health are at risk. In those times you should have your own self care measures in place. Let’s build your self care arsenal that will help you combat when you are neglecting yourself.

Start by making a list of self-care initiatives that you are either interested in, have tried or researched; ten should be fine. Choose two a month, so one bi weekly to try for that month. Keep a journal about that regimen. If it works for you keep it, if not, toss it and move on to the next self-care activity on your list. Refine this as you like but this is a great way to begin a consistent self care regimen and also try new activities that may work for you.

Here are some self-care recommendations for you to try:

Reading 30 minutes a few times a week

Cardamon, Lavender or Golden milk (warmed, you can use almond or oatmilk)

Bath soak with relaxing baths salts



Listening to music

Journaling 15 minutes a few times a week

In wellness,

Dr. Dunn

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